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Solar panel new applications

【发表时间:2016/12/5】 【阅读次数:651】


        Nandu news reporter Zhang Yanli yesterday morning, the first batch of v-mobile v-mobile on bicycles in Baoan, Futian, Longhua Qingqi and other regions (M obikeLite). With a basket Mobell Qingqi solar panels, and enabled charging solar panels, ensuring a reliable stable operation of intelligent lock. Mobell bicycle relative in Shenzhen has put the road classic version, v-mobile Qingqi lighter body. At the same time, the fusion part of the traditional bicycle technology, using advanced technologies, the use of special materials with special material injection integrated tire, super wear-resistant, low loss, do not worry about tire, without inflation; equipped with high quality K M C chain, the chain is not easy to fall.  ---Hunan YuanSheng electronics co., LTD (aviation obstruction lights ;led obstruction lights...)


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