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Identify the good or bad of solar panels

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1. Look at the surface

Looking at the surface of tempered glass carefully, in order to improve production speed, small manufacturers often unintentionally or unintentionally drop silica gel on the surface of tempered glass. If it is not clear, it will reduce the power generation efficiency of the battery panel.

2. Look at the batteries

Many irregular manufacturers use broken batteries splicing to form seemingly complete batteries for welding. This method has a great risk, which may not be obvious in the initial stage, but the spliced batteries are easy to be disconnected again in the later stage, which affects the use of the whole batteries.

3. Look at the back

Look at the quality of the back pressure, there is no irregularity after the pressure, such as bubbles, folds and so on.

4. Look at the border

Because the entry threshold of solar panel industry is low, many small manufacturers adopt manual framing. Because the intensity of manual framing is uneven each time, the close contact degree of the framed frame is different, the shape is not a strict rectangle, and the firmness is greatly reduced.

5. Look at Silica Gel

See if the silica gel is evenly distributed around the back and tightly penetrates the gap between the back panel and the frame.

6. See Welding

Carefully observe whether there is leakage in the series welding of batteries. At the same time, we need to see if the battery array is regular.

7. Look at the junction box

Finally, see whether the junction box is firm, whether the cover of the junction box can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; see whether the wire lock can rotate freely, whether it can be tightened.

To sum up, there are many key points to control the quality of solar panels. We should judge the quality from the details.

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