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SANY Wind power generation

【发表时间:2017/1/18】 【阅读次数:983】

  SANY heavy energy equipment Co. Ltd. (SANYenergy) and Wenzhou economic and Technological Development Zone in Beijing signed a "

wind farm development project cooperation framework agreement" in intertidal zone, planning a total installed capacity of the project is 1 million 200 thousand kilowatts,

 a total investment of more than 15 billion yuan, the project capacity and investment scale is the largest tidal wind power project belt.

   In the construction of wind power project in the signing of the intertidal zone of the Oufei a reclamation project outside of tidal waters, the Oufei within two reclamation area,

an area of about 287 km2, current situation of seabed water depth in the 3.0m ~ 10.0m, with a typical intertidal wind power project. The project total installed

capacity of 1 million 200 thousand kilowatts, if completed development and power generation, each year will provide 41 billion 900 million degree of clean electricity for Zhejiang

Province, can save about 13 million tons of standard coal.


   The SANY group director, SANY deputy director to long hair in my and director of the Wenzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Xu

Pengbo to participate in the signing ceremony. Secretary Xu is very optimistic about the cooperation in the field of new energy, the two sides will be in the post industrial investment,

the clean energy industry, the industrialization of construction fund (PC) to carry out further cooperation.


   In recent years, SANY in renewable energy system solutions and wind power sector investment continued to promote the strategic transformation, for intelligent manufacturing, digital

wind farm, wisdom, energy and other fields, continuous innovation and force to industries and key links, is committed to become the leading international clean energy solutions provider.

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