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PV industry usher in new development

【发表时间:2017/2/28】 【阅读次数:854】


Baoying City, Yangzhou province 108 MW "fishing light complementary" photovoltaic power generation project. The project covers an area of about 3000 acres, at the same time in the production of aquaculture, is an important local photovoltaic power generation projects. In recent years, China's photovoltaic industry system continues to improve, technological progress is remarkable, the current scale of photovoltaic manufacturing and application of the highest in the world. According to the national energy board data show that as of the end of 2016, China's new PV installed capacity of 34 million 540 thousand kilowatts, a total installed capacity of 77 million 420 thousand kilowatts, new and cumulative installed capacity of the world's first. According to the National Energy Bureau in 2016 December issued the "solar development plan", "13th Five-Year" China will promote the diversification of photovoltaic power generation utilization and accelerating technological progress, to the end of 2020, solar power installed capacity will reach 110 million kilowatts, the PV installed capacity reached 105 million kilowatts and above.


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