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Battery life will be extended in the near future or will be achieved

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         Anyone with a laptop or a cell phone knows that the battery life will be shortened over time. Just bought, the phone can not be charged for a whole day, but in two or three years, it must always be to help it charge. This phenomenon is well known, but no one knows what is the internal process of the battery caused this problem. Now a team of researchers at the U.S. Department of energy says they have found out why the battery life is shortened and that there may be a way to solve the problem.


In a rechargeable lithium battery, the lithium ion in the electrolyte solution moves between the two electrodes, which are the source of the energy. So the life of the battery depends on how much lithium can move between the poles when charging and using electricity.


The study found that the electrode sometimes failed, which allowed the manganese ion (manganese) to move freely and swim toward the opposite electrode, which would trigger the trapping of lithium. When more and more lithium batteries are captured, the battery charging capacity will be reduced, thus shortening the life of the battery.

If the battery life is extended, the quality of aviation obstruction lights and other LED lamps will also be greatly improved!


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