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Smaller and Samller Spot lights

【发表时间:2017/5/16】 【阅读次数:312】

    Recently, Ningbo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of the fifth generation of ultra-thin models of light distribution market. Since 2015, suolaite on this light year upgrade two times, with a more compact volume of Eastern Europe, South America and other regions to attract customers, at present, the ultra-thin LED lamp has accounted for more than half of total sales of enterprises.


"The popularity of LED lights has led to subversive changes in the traditional lighting industry, and also created unlimited space for enterprise innovation and upgrading." Ningbo Light Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. relevant responsible person Shi Chenchen said.


Seize the "LED lights" to replace the traditional light industry in this industry "change road" opportunities, Ningbo lighting enterprises for LED lights energy saving, small size, brightness and other characteristics, opened a new round of innovation and development trends. At present, LED lamps have become a new force for Ningbo lamps and lanterns enterprises to develop new markets and enhance their competitive strength.

 It's going to be a trend, and we're going to need some changes in our aviation obstruction lights!


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