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The difference between air switch and leakage protection is so big.

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   Many people know that they should use electricity safely, but they actually throw it away. There must be air switches in the house when the electricity is installed, and leakage protection will be installed in some places, but the problem is, what is the difference between the two?
Differentiation 1: In principle, the air switch uses air as an insulating medium. When the current is switched on in the circuit, the element generates heat, so that the bimetal sheet is heated up and bent, thereby pushing the lever, so that the lock button is opened to achieve the purpose of cutting off the power supply, that is, the air switch trips.
The leakage protection is based on a small chip in the center, which has a main winding and a pair of windings, and the main winding is divided into output and input current windings. If there is no leakage, that is, the output current is equal to the input current, the safety accident will not occur, on the contrary, the secondary winding will generate voltage, driving its built-in mechanism, tripping.
Differentiation 2: From the protection object, the air switch is short-circuit or failure when tripping, thus playing a protective role for the home fuse, and leakage protection is when the human body will trip when electric shock, is a kind of protection of the human body, in the circuit load bearing is not much effect.
Difference 3: From the capacity point of view, the air switch capacity can be large or small, and leakage protection capacity is not easy to large, and single-phase majority.
Differentiation 4. In terms of detection mode, the air switch is safe to use electricity only because the circuit is over-tripped, while the leakage protection is the algebraic sum of detecting the residual current, that is, the neutral line and the inner phase line of the loop current. Therefore, the residual current device only needs to avoid the leakage value and cut off the switch to prevent direct contact with the leakage. Electric current clicks.
Differentiation 5: In terms of tripping, the air switch trips because the current between the fire wire and the zero wire is too large, while the leakage protection is only because of the fire wire, when the human body touches the fire wire, it will form a loop with the ground, so that the internal device automatically feels, to achieve tripping.

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