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Recruitment of salesmen for export trade
Recruitment of salesmen for export trade
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  Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, male or female; 2. English level 4 or above, more than 1 year experience in international market development, familiar with international business processes, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing; 3. Strong learning ability, sense of teamwork and market sensitivity, and capital Strong ability of source integration, coordination and business negotiation. Responsibilities and authority 1. Responsible for international import and export business, promotion and sale of company products, follow-up and maintenance of customers; 2. According to customer requirements, make and process all kinds of documents required for settlement of foreign exchange to the documentary clerk; 3. Responsible for reception of international customers and translation of foreign languages within the company; 4. Responsible for handling international business letters, business. Negotiation preparation and business contract negotiation and signing; 5. Responsible for the production, preparation and development of company's international publicity and exhibition; 6. Responsible for regular customer visits, receiving customer complaints and timely feedback; 7. Do a good job of network promotion in foreign markets; 8. Proper management of customer information.

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