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How to improve the efficiency of solar aviation obstruction lights
How to improve the efficiency of solar aviation obstruction lights
Date:2019-09-17    View:488

At present, some solar aviation obstruction lights are constant-current charging, which refers to the charging method of adjusting the output of charging device or changing the resistance in series with the battery to keep the charging current constant. Compared with constant voltage charging, the control method of constant current charging is much simpler. However, the capacity of battery to accept current in the process of constant charging is getting smaller and smaller, which leads to the current being used to electrolyze water and generate gas in the later stage. Stage charging is a combination of constant voltage and cross current charging, cross current charging to the predetermined battery voltage, and then change to constant voltage to continue charging, finally nearly full when it is converted into floating charge to complete the battery final charging process.

How much Angle the solar panel tilts horizontally is critical for different latitudes and different roads, also very important.

The discharge from the battery to the LED, and the control of the MCU is very important, try to maintain the lowest static current; In this case, we try to MCU"s PWM output low level, when the lamp is off, at the same time can also appropriately reduce the working frequency of the single-chip; Choose a low power MCU.

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