Navigation light
Navigation light

Navigation Light

Mariners of all times have needed Visual Aids to Navigation. The first application of a system of signal lights for navigational purposes is believed to have been made for maritime purposes.

Navigation Light (Solutions)

Yuansheng navigation light, aviation obstacle light and Internet of things system can realize the remote monitoring and setting of lamps through mobile app or PC (it can record the battery voltage change curve, position offset, fault alarm ... It can set 256 flashing modes, manual and automatic mode, light intensity, group control, GPS synchronization...). Through 4G / LTE / 5G (TCP / IP link to telemetry cloud platform) and integrated Beidou and GPS, the status (position, alarm, battery voltage, temperature, etc.) of all lights of each system can be detected. Under monitoring, the battery power change in the past 15 days can be recorded. It is based on the network, intuitive and clear at a glance.

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