Our process
Our process

Our products include aviation obstruction lights, navigation beacon lights, and heliport lights. Taking aviation obstruction lights as an example, the following are:

1. Design phase

The lighting fixtures include PCB circuit board design, program design, and structural appearance design. We can provide customized products

Structure Design

Aviation obstruction light PCB design                                                              Structure Design

2. Production phase

>. Order reception (signing a formal order agreement with the customer)
>. Production and distribution of order materials (drafted according to regulations and promptly distributed to relevant personnel)
>. Order scheduling (strictly controlling time nodes to ensure timely, quality, and quantity delivery),
>. Production preparation and arrangement (preparing all materials, arranging personnel and equipment),
>. Production of orders (product production, lamp assembly.)

Aluminum die-casting

Powder coating                                                                             Aluminum die-casting

3. Detection
The special usage environment determines the high quality requirements for aviation obstacle lights,
Quality testing is required at every stage of production, and aging testing, appearance and functional testing are also required after production is completed

4. Packaging and shipping
Our Aviation construction lights Reliable packaging (foam, carton, wrapping film, packing belt...)
Aviation obstruction light
5. Technical support and services
More visible After - sale policy

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