Marine Navigation light
ML850 APP remote Navigation light
ML850 APP remote Navigation light
ML850 APP remote Navigation light
Key feature
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YUANSHENG ML850 Marine navigation light, aviation obstacle light and Internet of things system can realize the remote monitoring and setting of lamps through mobile APP or PC (it can record the battery voltage change curve, position offset, fault alarm ... It can set 256 flashing modes, manual and automatic mode, light intensity, group control, GPS synchronization...). Through 4G / LTE / 5G (TCP / IP link to telemetry cloud platform) and integrated Beidou and GPS, the status (position, alarm, battery voltage, temperature, etc.) of all lights of each system can be detected. Under monitoring, the battery power change in the past 15 days can be recorded. It is based on the network, intuitive and clear at a glance.

ML850 can be monitored through mobile phone or computer app application. It adopts aluminum alloy body, built-in 20W solar panel, built-in replaceable solar cell, low maintenance cost, and the service life of the base can reach 30 years.





Adj by PC or Mobile APP

                                        ( low,medium,high can adj)

Nominal Night Range

>4 Nautical miles

LED Color Available

Red, Yellow, Green, w
hite  (Customizable)

Vertical Divergence

10 Degree

Horizontal Out-put

360 Degree

control mode

Group control or Separate control

LED Lifespan

100,000 Hours

On & Off Level

70/100 Lux

Flash Pattern

complies to IALA  Recommendations 256 Flash code or GPS synchronization

Power Source 

Solar module, mono-crystalline silicon

Solar Efficiency


Max. Power Out-put

20 Watts

Battery Type

High-efficiency lithium battery

Battery Capacity

12V /8AH

Battery Replacement

Yes, replaceable

Integrated housing

UV resistance PC 





Ambient temperature

-40℃ ~ +55℃


448mm H, 235mm Diameter


3 years for light

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