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Best Choice of Aviation Obstruction Lights
Best Choice of Aviation Obstruction Lights
Date:2023-09-05    View:634
What types are obstruction lights have?
Currently, there are three types of power types as follows:
1> AC input: 
The general AC input is 85V-380V, which is the most commonly used, such as YOL32, YML2000C, CB04O.
2> DC input: 
There are also have DC12V,DC24V, DC48V;Using DC input is safer, but the power loss will be greater.
3> Solar input: 
 Need to use solar panels and batteries in combination to save energy and protect the environment,Currently widely used.
Tunable frequency, stable working situation, synchronous sync cord (optional), double obstruction light"Service+standby" can be used to provide better warning for an additional.

According to the control method, we currently also adopt the following 3 methods:

1> Automatic control by Photoell:        

 Completely controlled by the intensity of the light, even if dark clouds pass by, they may turn on .      

2> Controlled by wireless remote control: 

It can be used for heliports lights, and currently we are also using for navigation lights.

by this way,Intensity can adj; Flash code can adj; but only can reach 4KM .

3> Controlled by mobile APP:
Simple and convenient, as long as there is a network, control and monitoring can be achieved anywhere.

According to the usage situation, it can be classified into the following 3 types:
 1.Low intensity, 2.Medium intensity,3.High intensity.

What color lights are used for Obstruction lighting?  
Usually we use aviation red, white,yellow that is also used .
Beam spread , colors and Intensity can refer to  ICAO  page 40,41 (Table 6-3,Table 6-X,Table 6-Y) or CAAC China.
How can we avoid detours and save costs? You can communicate with the manufacturer first and make choices based on needs and actual situations Try to choose manufacturers with a 5-year quality guarantee and research and development capabilities.


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