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Aviation obstruction light three-layer lightning protection
Aviation obstruction light three-layer lightning protection
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   Our products have three-level lightning protection, taking our obstruction lights system  as an example,  

   1 level :CB04O have Combination of air switches and surge protective devices; Please see the follow picture Arrows indicate:

              surge protective:  in:15KA,Uc: 275V~ 50Hz, Imax:40KA,Up:1.2KV .

               switches: 400V~50HZ.

               How to use Switches and Surge protective please see GB50343(5.4) (made by Ministry of Housing and Ubrban-Rural  

               Development of people,s Repulic of China)

obstruction light controller

2 level :YOL32 have MOV(Voltage Dependent Resistor) and fuse:

           MOV Volts: 423-517V; Amps:2500 / 1250×2.

           fuse: Amps:1.

Aviation obstruction light

3 level : YOL32  also have MOV(Voltage Dependent Resistor) and discharge tube:

               MOV Volts: 423-517V; Amps:2500 / 1250×2.

               Discharge tube: Surge current:10KA.

  One of the main purposes of the lightning protection obstruction light is to increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents. 

By emitting a bright, flashing light, these lights serve as a visual indicator to pilots, signaling the presence of a tall structure that 

may pose a danger during low visibility conditions or at night. This is especially important in areas with heavy air traffic or in 

regions prone to frequent lightning storms.
  In addition to their visibilityenhancing function, these lights also serve as a deterrent for lightning strikes. By installing a lightning

 protection system on tall structures and equipping them with obstruction lights, the risk of a direct lightning strike can be

 significantly reduced. The lights act as a conductor, guiding the lightning away from the structure and safely into the ground, 

preventing potential damage to the building or any sensitive equipment housed within.

  The lightning protection obstruction lights are typically installed at the highest point of a structure, ensuring maximum visibility 

for aircraft in the vicinity. They are designed to meet specific regulations and standards set by aviation authorities to ensure their 

effectiveness in providing warning signals to pilots.

  These lights come in various forms, including red or white strobe lights,steady burning lights, or a combination of both. The 

choice of light color depends on factors such as the height of the structure,its location, and the specific   of the aviation authority

 governing that area.

  Regular maintenance and inspection of these lights are essential to ensure their proper functioning. This includes 

checking for any damage or malfunctioning components, replacing bulbs if necessary, and cleaning the lenses to maintain

 maximum visibility.

    In conclusion, the lightning protection obstruction light plays a crucial role in aviation safety by providing a visual warning to pilots 

about potential hazards caused by tall structures. By increasing visibility and serving as a deterrent for lightning strikes, these lights 

help protect both the structures themselves and any aircraft flying in their vicinity. Regular maintenance and adherence to aviation 

regulations are key to ensuring their effectiveness in safeguarding against lightning-related accidents.

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