Helipad & Airfield light
YS50 Heliport aiming light
YS50 Heliport aiming light
YS50 Heliport aiming light
Key feature
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The aiming point marks are evenly mounted with the same space between the adjoining two. The light can giving off a white constant light signal as the accurate landing position for helicopters so that pilots can land safely.


Effective light intensity 
Elevation angle Light intensity
30 degree 10cd
25 degree 50cd
20 degree 100cd
10 degree 100cd
3 degree 100cd
0 gedree 10cd
Illumination color White, Red, Yellow...
Illumination lifetime 100000H
Input power 100~250VAC; 24~48VDC
Frequency range(HZ) 50 ~ 60
Rated power(W) 6
Flash rate Constant illumination
IP grade IP68
Thunder prevention grade(V)
Environmental ental temperature(*C)
-40 ~ +55
Environmental humidity(%)
0 ~ 95
Anti-wind capability(M/S)
Optical lens materials
Tempered glass
Structural material
Aluminum alloy

• Single light LED particles for illumination, coupled with patent optical lens,have a good effect of optics and a high light

transferring efficiency. Its rated power at 6W is targeted for energey saving.
• Heat dissipation and structural component are made from light aluminum alloy and idealized dissipation effect is achieved,

convenient for shipping and mouting.
• According to the LED driving features, the driving power is set as AC widevoltage input (the input voltage: AC100V-250V),

 guaranteeing a constant voltage input. a stable driving ability and a long service life.


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