Customization service
Product customization service
Working voltage; Set the factory frequency; Use standard interface socket......

Currently we provide the following services

Factory frequency setting (standard safety frequency, music, voice)
Voltage customization(DC12V、DC24V、AC110V、AC220V、AC380V)
Color customization (light source, lampshade, shell)
Warning light flashing frequency setting
Special voltage customization(DC12V~DC220V,AC24V~AC3000V)
Frequency regulation
Change control mode
Adjust output power
IP protection level improved
High and low temperature performance improvement
Improved anti-electromagnetic interference performance
Working range extension
Custom installation accessories

Added functional circuits (photoelectric control, redundant switching)

The type of service available depends on the type of machine purchased. Please contact yuancheng sales for details。(Tel:0731-84879826)
Some of the services will cost an additional fee equivalent to the cost of materials。

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