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256 codes navigation light
256 codes navigation light
Date:2023-11-24    View:117

  The phrase "256 codes navigation light" refers to a type of lighting system used in aviation and marine transportation. These lights are designed to help pilots and sailors navigate safely in low visibility conditions, such as at night or during fog.

  Navigation lights are an essential part of safe navigation, especially in situations where visual contact is limited or obscured. Pilots and sailors must be trained to recognize and interpret the different codes, and to use them effectively to avoid collisions and other accidents.

  ML50  Navigation light change Flash Morse Codes by our YSHD handheld, Adopting an integrated design with built-in batteries and solar panels, the entire lamp operates at a voltage of 12VDC. It work stable and high efficiency.

About Flash codes please see as follow:

Navigation light flash code

More codes please click the folllow link:

Navigation light 256 flash codes

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