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YOL32 aviation obstruction light adds new function
YOL32 aviation obstruction light adds new function
Date:2019-10-22    View:588

   YOL32, aluminum alloy shell, solid shell, including photocell switch and alarm output function, can be freely combined into "service+ service" or "service + standby" two kinds of double lamp working mode, through DGAC Mexico and DGAC Chile... 12VDC, 24VDC,48VDC, 85-380vac Can be customized ,at present in the original products on the basis of the added Flash or Steady light adjustment function, customers can according to the need to change, easy to prepare inventory, affordable price, This kind of product also is easy use for Telelcom tower aviation obstruction lights solutions( because it can be adj), Please see picture, Double YOL32D on the top,three YOL32 single in the meddile, only need to  set lights as steady, add a CB04O controller the system will work normal, welcome to order,  we all products quality assurance for 5 years.

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