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New red lens cover aviation obstruction lights
New red lens cover aviation obstruction lights
Date:2019-11-19    View:432

Anti-uv red lampshade cover, more easily distinguish red or white light, can be composed of two lights, a white and a red, white in the daytime low light intensity aviation obstacle lamp work, at night red aviation obstacle lamp work, completely automatic, do not need manual intervention. Can be set it to flicker or stay on, 12VDC,24VDC,48VDC or 85-380VAC can be customized.

•Optimized optical Lens design provides excellent optic distribution

•Internal LED driver and constant current regulator make the light illuminate steadily

•Encapsulated and sealed power module provides more reliability and better protection 

•Extremely low power consumption

•Excellent shock and vibration resistant

•GE polycarbonate dome, UV-stabilized

•Aluminum base with powder painted, corrosion-resistant

•G3/4 threaded bottom entry for easy mounting

•Prewired cable makes wiring job easier

•Can be work as "service+service" or "service+ standby".

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